Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Love These Pictures!

You know how you take some pictures and they just make you smile! Here are a few of those pictures. Hope they brighten your day too!

Here are all the cousins. This picture was taken when it was about 12 degrees outside. I have never heard so much whining and complaining from six kids all at the same time. But hey.....We got a picture!

Me and my little Sissy. I love her so much! She is truly my best friend. It is quite funny how much we realize that we are alike as we get older...All the way down to water on the windshield!

Our little man bundled up to brave the storm. This whole day we called him Randy from the movie "A Christmas Story". He would say, "I'm not Randy, I'm Cason". It was so cute to watch him try and walk with all the layers on.

Cason and his Daddy. I love this picture of two of my men. Very rarely do I get a picture of Bret where he is not hiding. This was taken on the train ride at Knott's Berry Farm.

A Trip to See the Elephant Seals

A BIG male elephant seal.

The boys way to close to the seals. I was just stressed out the whole time!

Ty messing with the elephant seal. Typical teenage thing to do!

Our handsome boys!

The cutest baby elephant seal you have ever seen. Too bad they don't stay that way!
We had so much fun just sitting and watching these magnificent creatures. I love doing things like this with my family. How blessed we are to have these opportunities.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Best Utah Trip Ever!

This past week has been wonderful. The boys and I spent time with my sister and her family in Utah. With lots of snow and 6 cousins in the house, things got a little crazy (and loud) at times. We had so much fun and even stayed in our pajamas all day one of the days. We took the kids sledding, went to the SLC Planetarium, took the kids to jump on a room full of trampolines, and also served up many buffets (It is like a buffet when you have to feed that many people). I treasure the time I have with my sister. We don't see each other as much as we would like to, but are so blessed to have each other and the time that we do share.

The cousins after a long afternoon of sledding.

Me and my best friend.

Braeden, Ellie, and Sissy getting ready for a trip down the hill.

Me and my boys! I love these boys so much and am so glad I am their mommy!

Sledding races are so much fun!

Cason Andrew & Ellie Afton being the best of friends.

OK...so I became a little obsessed here. Shannon took us to see this herd of elk about five miles from her house. We went three different times. I could have parked and watched them all day. I'm a little wierd, what can I say?

Here is Cason "shooting" the elk with his cousins new play gun. What can I say....A Sanders through and through.