Thursday, July 10, 2008

We Went to the Circus!

Cason with the "Pretty Lady". He did not want to have anything to do with any of the clowns. He said, "Those are scary guys".
A picture with the Elephants before the Show!

Braeden with one of the clowns!

A Fun 4th of July in Utah!

A Fun Family Picture!

It was exhausting trying to get a decent picture of the kids. MeMe did some serious behind the scenes work to get MOST of the kids to smile.

My Best Friend!

I had such a wonderful time with my sister. She is such a special person and I hate living so far away from her. We have so much fun together. I love you Sissy!

A Special Day for Brae & Dalin

Papa Don & MeMe with the boys. They are so loved and are so blessed to have such wonderful grandparents!

These two boys entered the world 5 days apart and have been the best of friends ever since. Quite fitting that they would want to share their baptism day. What a special day it was!

A Trip to Lagoon!

What a sweet boy Dalin is. He took Cason by the hand and took him to see the water fountain!
This is one of my favorite pictures. This is Cason and Chezney (My sister's neighbor). She is about 4 months older than Case. They were so cute to watch as they shared their Slurpy.

This by far was the funniest part of our day. Picture sister and I stressed out about getting our hair wet on the Roaring Rapid Water Ride. This picture is about 30 seconds before the giant waterfall. Well, Shanny got the seat directly under the massive stream of water. She looked like she had just taken a shower with her clothes on. Needless to say, I have not laughed that hard ever. What a good sport Shanny was!

All the Guys after their Grand Prix Race!