Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our Family Christmas Party

We had a fun time together at our annual family Christmas Party! Ty, Brae, and Case are such good sports when Santa arrives. Here are some of the memories we made that night....

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ugly Sweater Contest!

On Wednesday, we had an ugly sweater contest at school. It was hilarious and we laughed all day long. My mom and dad's sweet friend Evelyn used to wear this sweater at Christmas time. I have to say, she looked beautiful in it. I looked hideous. When we were being judged during the contest, the other teachers were squinting from the glare off of the million or so sequins on my sweater!

NO!!!!! It is not snowing in Porterville!

So last night Tyler and his best friend Tyler decided to go toilet paper a couple of their friend's houses. Well the war has begun. At 1:30am, our doorbell rang and this is what we found.
I can't really complain too much. I would call this paybacks! I did my fair share of this type of extra-curricular activity not that many years ago!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Veteran's Day 2009

We had a busy and fun day on Veteran's Day. It was Ty's first parade to march in and the Brae and Case had a fun day too. Thank you mom and dad for spending the day with us too!
Brae and Case at the Christmas Parade
Ty marching
Here comes Burton Middle School
This is Lindsey Ames who is one of my young women. She has babysat the boys for us many times. We are so proud of her being named Veteran's Homecoming Queen!
Tyler and his best friend Tyler ready for the parade!

Family Pictures with the Sanders

We were able to spend Thanksgiving with the Sanders this year. My mother-in-law made special arrangements to have family pictures taken the day after Thanksgiving. Well, of course it was pouring down rain that morning, so we took "portrait" pictures. I think that they turned out great and I was happy to have some nice family pictures to share with everyone!
The whole family!
My niece Tiffany and I. I love this picture of us together!
Bret's mom and Dad. This picture is almost a miracle...My father-in-law does not do pictures, so we are thrilled to actually have a few with him in them.
This is a picture of the Sanders grandchildren.....
I like this picture of the my new sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and I. Our family feels complete now!
I sure am blessed to have such a wonderful husband and sons!
I love this picture!
Our Boys....

A Day of Quad Riding!

What a fun day we had together! We took the kids to Hungry Valley in Gorman to quad ride for the day! They had a blast and I got to sit and read my book! Ahhhhh! We need to go more often.
Our boys stopping for a picture on the quads!
Braeden flying over the bumps on the race track!
Tyler jumped on his dirt bike and took off! It is so fun to go on a mommy/son ride with him.
Cason Andrew was hilarious and scared me to death on his borrowed quad. (Thanks Bonnie & Traeger!)

Friday, September 4, 2009

A Fun & Relaxing Weekend

I had such a fun weekend. My cousin Bonnie and I spent the weekend at my Aunt Laraine's cabin in Camp Nelson. We scrapbooked all weekend and had a great time together. Cason now has his own scrapbook which thrilled him.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Band is in Town.....or at our House!!!!!

Here is a picture of our three musicians. Tyler is playing the Tenor Saxophone in the Burton Middle School Band and Jazz Band. Brae is going to begin learning to play the trumpet in school. Yesterday Ty and Brae were practicing their instruments and sweet little Cason came out with his "parade trumpet" so he could play with his brothers. The noise was a little unbearable to say the least, but it was cute to watch.

A "New" Boat!

Wonderful Papa had been telling the boys that he had a boat up in the garage rafters. He got it down and blew it up for the boys. They have been in the boat in the pool non-stop for the last 2 days. It was definately a hit! Thank you Papa!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Clifford the Big Red Dog!

Today I came home from work to find Clifford the Big Red Dog in my living room. I just wanted to eat him:) Now he is chasing around a little rubber ball in the living room panting like a dog. I hope we can find Cason again soon!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Starting a New School Year!

Another school year has begun. Tyler had a great first day of 8th Grade. It is just amazing how fast time goes by and what a fun young man he is turning into. Braeden began 4th grade and just loves his teacher Mrs. Stinson. It is exciting to see him be so enthusiastic about going to school. Cason started Kindergarten and just loves everything about it. He loves his "pretty teacher", he loves is new friend Garrin who has "long girl hair". (I told him that wasn't nice to say and his reply was, "Well mom, he does have long girl hair but he's not a girl".) He is so excited and eager to learn too. We are truly blessed. I couldn't wait to get home to hear about the days my boys had had.
Me and my handsome boys!
The boys tolerating another picture session.

My Class.....

Well...First day done, 179 to go! My first day went well. I always forget from year to year how tiring it is. I wore high heels today and by noon, I was barefoot in my classroom. I think I will take a pair of flip flops to wear tomorrow:) Here is a picture of my new students. Seem like sweet kids, just a little chatty.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Cason Meets his Kindergarten Teacher...

Cason got to go to school today to meet his new teacher Mrs. Davis. She had them go on a scavenger hunt in the classroom to find hidden monkeys, he found his desk, wrote his name, and even got a present from his teacher. He is so excited about going to Kindergarten and we are so blessed to have him with Mrs. Davis. As we were leaving, Cason ran up to her and gave her a big hug. He told me after we left that he loves his pretty teacher.
Cason and Mrs. Davis
Cason sitting like a big Kindergartener at his desk!

Congratulations Eric and Maria...

August 8th was a special day for Eric and Maria. They got married in Lake Tahoe and we all were able to be there to share their special day with them. Here are a few pictures from the celebration....
Eric and Maria Sanders...
Bret and Ty...
Bret and I...
Our handsome boys!
Bret's parents...Thanks dad for the picture:)
The whole family...

Family Picture Time....

My wonderful husband and I...
My amazing mom and sister...I love you both lots!
I am so blessed with a wonderful mom and dad!
The whole family...
Our family...
My sister Shannon's family...
The cousins...
The Sanders boys!