Friday, December 26, 2008

A White Christmas 2008

The boys were thrilled when it began to snow at GramMary and Papa Paul's house in Placerville. It didn't take long for Brae to start throwing snowballs at anything he could see.

I love pictures of the tree and gifts before the kidos get ahold of them!

Here is another picture of Brae and Case having a great time in the snow. I walked out on the porch to take this picture and saw four deer running down the street. It was quite a treat for a city girl like me.
I hope each of you had a wonderful and memorable Christmas with your loved ones. We wish each of you a 2009 full of happiness and joy!

A Wonderful Christmas Party with my Mom & Dad!

The Sanders Boys with "Papa Santa"! My children may all need counseling when they are older, but we sure have fun with my dad being Santa. Honestly, how many children can honestly say that their Papa is Santa Claus.

I love my family so much! We had so much fun together at our family Christmas Party.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Picture Just for Ellie Afton!

For those of you who know Ellie, you know Belle is her favorite Princess. So....Ellie Bellie, this picture was taken just for you! I love you!

More Disneyland pictures

This was my favorite part of the parade. The toy soldiers were darling!
What an awesome Papa! My dad waited for about 30 minutes in the Dumbo line with Cason. It was the cutest thing to watch them having so much fun together on the Dumbo ride.
I love this picture of my mom and dad! They were so much help and such good sports! I love you both so much!

Christmas at the Happiest Place on Earth

OK...So Cason was not crying because he was scared of Pluto and Mickey. He was upset because Ty stepped on his shoe and it came off. We of course had just reached the front of the line after a 10 minute wait to get our picture taken. I didn't care at that point who was crying, we were going to take the picture!
This is when we were all happy!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I love the Christmas Season....for many reasons! I love to reflect on my Savior's birth and the great blessings I receive through my religious beliefs. I love to look back over the past year and count my blessings of a wonderful husband and boys, health, and the treasured memories with family and friends. I appreciate the lessons I learn from my students as well. Some who have so little have so much to give. I hope this past year has brought you great joy, laughter, and memories that you will always cherish. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

More Christmas Pictures

Tyler James....He just loved having his picture taken!

Braeden Michael...always patient with me when I take his picture!

Cason Andrew....Such a busy little body!

My Favorite Time of the Year!

Here are the boys in front of the tree. It took a lot to get this picture. When I told them to put their faces together, of course they were pushing and shoving each other. I finally got a good one though.

Here is our beautiful Christmas tree. It is so special because the boys helped me decorate it. I love creating Christmas memories like these.