Sunday, December 6, 2009

Family Pictures with the Sanders

We were able to spend Thanksgiving with the Sanders this year. My mother-in-law made special arrangements to have family pictures taken the day after Thanksgiving. Well, of course it was pouring down rain that morning, so we took "portrait" pictures. I think that they turned out great and I was happy to have some nice family pictures to share with everyone!
The whole family!
My niece Tiffany and I. I love this picture of us together!
Bret's mom and Dad. This picture is almost a miracle...My father-in-law does not do pictures, so we are thrilled to actually have a few with him in them.
This is a picture of the Sanders grandchildren.....
I like this picture of the my new sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and I. Our family feels complete now!
I sure am blessed to have such a wonderful husband and sons!
I love this picture!
Our Boys....


Shannon P. said...

I love the pictures from the big family celebration. Sissy you are so beautiful I love you so much! I have the cutest nephews ever!

GramMary said...

What a joy to have the entire family together. Of course the weather did not cooperate so no pictures by the pong with fall colors. But what a beautiful family we have. Maybe we can do nthis again in the spring. GramMary